Together, we have …

Reduced Crime to the lowest level in 54 years!
The City of New Rochelle was in the top 10% nationwide out of 110 similarly sized cities in the country. Smart, effective and efficient policing methods have ensured that we respect all of our citizens as we keep our City safe and livable.

Protected the quality of life in our neighborhoods
Thanks to a collaboration with the Beechmont Association, we are continuing to work on improving Beechmont Lake. Last year we installed two fountains in the Lake, which not only enhance the Lake’s appearance but provide needed aeration and circulation to this valuable asset. We have also eliminated the unsightly water lilies from Paine Lake.

Created a climate for responsible downtown development
We have entered into an agreement with RDRXR for the transformative redevelopment of downtown New Rochelle with the input and involvement of residents. New construction and development has already been started near the train station and there is more to come.

Worked with the Community and Iona College to Ensure Proper Development of North Avenue
As the result of the work of a community committee composed of local residents and Iona College representatives, we have succeeded in the successful encouragement of Iona to construct a new dormitory on North Avenue rather than in the midst of a residential neighborhood, as originally sought by Iona.